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The ultimate cleaning solution for vinyl records, DVDs and compact discs.

The M.V.P. disc & vinyl cleaner from Candmo, Inc., is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to not only clean your movies, music, video games, vinyl records and PC software, but also keep fingerprints off of them, and preserve them in "collector condition!"

You won't find a more convenient disc cleaner or vinyl record repair kit anywhere else.

The M.V.P. is a disk and vinyl cleaner, and handler, constructed from a flexible vinyl material, equipped with elastic grippers, with a special "no scratch" fabric inside. Handle your disks without leaving greasy fingerprints, then clean any and all dust from the surface.​

"THE M.V.P." is the only cleaning solution that removes dirt from all types of discs, & vinyl records. If your Disc or Vinyl has a few light scratches, "THE M.V.P." will fix, restore, and preserve your collection. This small, compact device, allows for easy carrying; whether you're in your car, home, or office!

It can be used as a protective glove. Pick up vinyl records, or discs without leaving fingerprints on them. This inexpensive money-saver is built to keep you from having to spend money on the same items, over & over.

When your disc-based media starts to skip, break out THE M.V.P.. With a drop of cleaning solution and a few quick rotations, our disc and vinyl record cleaner removes all dirt and fingerprints from your favorite games, software, DVDs and record albums. It even removes minor scratches.


"This is a great product works really well on CD, DVD, and Albums. Keep your music and movies from getting damaged. I would gladly recommend this to a friend."


- Kenneth Squire-Savanah, GA.

"I have used this disc cleaner for many years on my collection of albums, CD's, and DVD's with outstanding results. The new disc cleaner allows me to continue to maintain the sound quality of my music collections. The cost/value benefits from using this product make it a worthwhile investment for my rare collection of albums. I highly recommend anyone who value their albums and disc video/music collection to try this product."

- Benjamin Franklin-Austin, TX.


"Using your product really help me on cleaning my DVD videos. I recently rented a DVD from Redbox. Upon playing one of the DVD's, I kept noticing that my computer wasn't accepting it. So I turned on my laptop to see if it would play on it, but ended up with the same results, and when I actually looked at the playing surface of the DVD I noticed fingerprints and surface scratches on it."

- Reneal Anderson-Los Angeles, CA.


"I recently received an M.V.P. as a birthday gift in order to properly clean and restore my valuable vinyl record collection; right off the bat, I knew I made a good decision purchasing The M.V.P., just due to the simplicity in it's engineering, and I noticed that it had a small bottle of cleaning solution included.


I followed the instructions by placing some cleaning solution on the playing surface and rubbing the record until the fingerprints and surface scratches disappeared. To my amazement my entire collection plays like new, and none of them skips anymore;  it goes without saying that I am very impressed with your product and I will recommend it to all of my friends!"

- Catherine O'Reilly-Manhattan, NY.


Order The M.V.P now for only $19.95

Kit includes 1 M.V.P., 1 Brush, 1 Cleaning solution

With free shipping & handling!

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The M.V.P. cleaning pad


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The M.V.P. cleaning solution


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The M.V.P. cleaning brush


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