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Instructions on properly cleaning your disk or vinyl with the M.V.P.

For those with VINYL RECORDS, VIDEO GAMES, MUSIC CD's, DVD's, BLU-RAY DISC, or PC SOFTWARE, this product is the answer to your dreams. Reintroduced for the first time in 30 years, "The M.V.P." brings back all the value and dependability it did in the past, while simultaneously bringing its powerful-patented cleaning technology to the present.

In order to properly clean your vinyl records, start by placing your thumb and index finger in the M.V.P. strips.

Turn the album cover in a vertical position with The M.V.P. at the opening. Pull the cover off as you grip the album.

Vinyl records can also be cleaned while on the turntable. While the turntable is rotating, open and flatten The M.V.P. so that the soft side is touching the album. Now that it's in place, hold it stationary. Do not exert force or excessive downward pressure as you may cause damage to your turntable. Allow The M.V.P. to rest on the album and remove the dust.

Albums suffer a lot of static buildup. You can remove the static by laying the album on the cover and using a few drops of the cleaning solution to clean the album properly.

To clean DVDs, CDs and other small disks, apply a few drops of the cleaning solution to the M.V.P.. Then, while gripping the disk by the edge with your thumb and forefinger, use the M.V.P to clean a section at a time. Avoid leaving fingerprints by using the M.V.P. to rotate the disk in the other hand and clean the next section.

The M.V.P. can also be used like a handy little glove to safely pick up your vinyl records or your disks without leaving any finger prints on them.

To clean the M.V.P. simply use a clean toothbrush.

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